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Hello. My Name is Lyn Fernandez and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you would like to purchase an original, please use the contact form or visit my pages on Singulart.

So this is an interesting experiment - well at least for me it is, the digi Apple Blossom took my fancy somehow and I decided to see whether or not it would translate into an acrylic on canvas. The first thing was to decide whether or not I wanted some kind of realism or just an impression. The second was to think  about marks - with Digis there are quite specific marks made by the tools so do I try to emulate said tools or just paint with my canvas strokes, two different things , at least for me. This is the result. It's taken a little bit of time, centred my mind and made me think about different methods. So all in all a really worthwhile experiment, one that I shall probably  try again in the not too distant. Just made a few more stroke when it suddenly occured to me how funny it is that I'm trying to create analogue from digital - ha retro or what

The one that started it all



Approx half way





The End  :)