I've been sorting out the older paintings in my studio recently dusting them off re-working some of them,and decided

it was about time to sort out the online gallery as well. Paintings have been added in no particular order and the gallery has become too cumbersome to view properly. So now we've added new categories so that it will be easier and quicker to navigate.Have a look and let me know what you think

Well after a week or so of lolling(and I don't mean laughing out loud) in bed due to the fact that my back has decided to remind me that I can't go running around like a teenager any more or the disc will pop out again, I'm finally upright and on the mend. I managed to complete this painting as a gift in between the lolling, good thing the studio is in our apartment, so I could just hobble along there whenever the painkillers kicked in. It made me smile whilst painting it:

Sue's feet