Hi to anyone still visiting and thanksĀ smile Since I last posted I've been pretty busy. We decided to get the hell out of Dodge after all the problems and illness, and start again. First came the removal of paintings from the struts (thanks Andrew) for easier moving,

then we sorted, packed, gave away, and finally moved to Germany.

Bavarian beer in Hamburg - Andrew says sorry but he likes drinking it.

We are now living in a tiny apartment with no room to swing a cat nevermind a large canvas and for the first time in many years I have no studio, which is why I've been working small - pen and ink - watercolours or digi. I've also been taking loads of photos as I haven't seen this many trees for years.

I've always been a bit of a tree hugger and now I have so many to choose from :)

Pen and Ink


The complexity, textures and colours of the tree barks are a constant source of inspiration to me. We shall just have to see whether my new surroundings and the local colour will find their eventuell way onto the canvas. A very different landscape colour wise to the hot bright colours I've been used to for so long.