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Hello. My Name is Lyn Fernandez and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.


Wanted to do some cropping of paintings to upload later, chucked a painting into the scanner then had a total Duh moment where I couldn't remember the process once I'd scanned it :). ( it's the meds or at least that's my excuse ha ha). So after a few moments  of swearing I started to go through my copious notes, ramblings, ideas and so forth in the hope of finding the instructions in one of the many notebooks and pads which can be found lurking all over the house - that was it then straight down the rabbit hole I fell and here I am several hours (or is it days) later. I still haven't found the particular notes I originally wanted and can barely remember what I wanted them for and I've started to fill yet another notebook. How's your day been ?

Series 1

So this is one of 3 produced so far on 40 by 40 cm deep edged canvas, using charcoal and acrylic - the old and the contemporary I love the balance of using these two media, they seem to unite the past and the present

Series 1

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