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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.

Dark side

Well it's a dull and rainy day here today - but it's winter so what the hell do I expect haha. Anyway I've had the inks out today - and the last of my lovely Yupo papers - must re-order.

Here's one 20 by 30cms, ships rolled in a tube - easy peasy, so if you like it just msg me :)

a land from afar

Mellow Yellow

Morning all and what a gorgeous autumn day it is - the sun is shining and I'm still in flipflops :)

Because I'm in such a good mood this painting that I'm about to post is in yellow and not only that cos I'm feeling happy it comes with a hefty discount.

The original price is 1700 euro for this 60 by 90 cm acrylics on deep edged canvas but I'm happy to let it go for750 euro. It rolls in a tube for convenience and cost. Although if you'd like to have it delivered in a crate then please contact me.

Either way don't be shy , just drop me a msg via the contact form on here, facebook or Instagram at laf.abstracts. Hope you're having a good one


Finish and Start

So Friday was a big milestone day for me cos I finally finished Radiotherapy. Yay. feel like I've been let out of school. I want to say a massive thanks to the staff at the Radiotherapy Dept. of SAMOC in Malta. They have been brilliant and made the whole process much easier than I thought it would be  So Thanks a lot lovely people.Fingers crosssed for a good result now. So that was my finish. My start was my use  of Instagram  - I know always late to the party haha. I haven't been painting much due to lethargy and lack of creativity,   so I've spent a lot of time sitting on the sofa using my tablet as I have Artrage on there as well as Insta and all the usual suspects haha. Anyway if you'd like to see what I've been up to recently why not pop over to my instagram page :https://www.instagram.com/laf.abstracts/. I'd love to see you over there.

Here's one of my recent photos - I think this is like looking at spun gold

lacy lantern

Altered Images

I've been doing some altered images lately and really enjoying them. and I thought some of you may be interested in the process. so firstly I took a few photo of one of my wips  while the paint was still wet. I was trying for obscure angles and interesting shapes. Then I took it into Artrage  on my lovely Samsung tablet and finished the work. Actually I made several images from one of the photos.
 It's a very versatile way of working and I like the results. What do you think. 

Below is the one of the original photos of the painting and the altered images


A bigger one aka RPG Storyboard

Anyone who has visited this blog before will know that my work is predominantly in bright saturated colours - colours which reflect my surroundings - yep still living in the med at the moment. Anyway I was talking to Andrew about these minimal palette paintings that I've been producing lately and apart from enjoying working this way I've been wondering why. He of the eminently sensible head said well since you've been ill you've been more or less confined to the house  so perhaps that's why - on reflection that probably is the reason. Anyway this is 60 by 60cms gold,white and of course charcoal. No name in sight as yet. As of 5 mins ago it has been named by Andrew RPG Storyboard. If you can think of one feel free to let me know .

no name as yet



So square

Another little square 40 by 40cm painting. I really love working with this limited palette - the possiblities seem infinite at the moment, although knowing my butterfly brain - especially with all the meds at the moment ha - I may change my mind about that . Available

No name

Bit of a hiatus

After a bit of a hiatus caused by horrible medical stuff plus a liberal dose of stress, I decided to try and get myself motivated, not easy, lack of creative thought plus lethargy have done their work. Anyway I've managed to finish this one yaya which I've called:

The Surveyor, it's a little 40 by 40cm acrylic and charcoal, limited palette painting. Available and affordable :). Enjoy


The Surveyor

Big Fish

So despite or perhaps as an antidote to all the crap that's going on in our lives at the moment, I've produced this 60 by 60cm collage.

It was inspired (at least something is able to inspire me haha) by the PJ Harvey song Big Fish Little Fish

I hope it makes you smile

big fish

why is it

Why is it that when a large and seemingly well run company sells out to a shark said shark sets out to systematically ruin what has worked so well. The profits are already something that rivals can only strive to emulate. So why is it necessary to ruin peoples' lives, squashing anyone who doesn't toe the line. Someone who works hard, is diligent and intelligent - someone who merely questions certain practices which the new owners have put into place for which he is bullied and threatened. This company and particularly the self satisfied HR department show absolutely no empathy whatsoever for an employee of nearly 5 years, whose work never comes into question and whose partner - me - has been and still is, going through very worrying times healthwise including chemo - the first chemo is tomorrow. Why am I writing about this on my art blog you may wonder - well the reason is this - Frustration. Over the last 2 years I've been fighting for my health and sanity and to have to watch my kind and gentle man be pushed to his absolute limits by a bully as big as this company is making me more ill than I already am. Watching him slump unable to utter a word because he's been to  that horrible place in St Julians called his office makes me want to lash out. To think that he has wanted to work for this company for the last 12 years and this is how it treats him makes me want to vomit.Unfortunately like many other ordinary workers we're pretty powerless so any noise I can make however small may - just may help him and others.

Peace people.

We're only here once we should be enjoying it.

white rose



Apple blossom

Not quite the flower shots I was thinking about posting - however this is another of my Artrage Digis - I'm having a ball with this prog., whats more I actually remembered to make this one big enough so that it can be printed poster sized - yay my brain still has funtionablility ha ha. I'm actually in the process of trying to paint an acrylic version of this cos I like it so much. Will post the canvas version when I'm happy with it

Apple blossom

Been away for a couple of weeks

Away from most things tech - I wrote somewhere else all things tech then realized I was using a Samsung tablet a lot of the time - admittedly to paint on rather than to converse with anyone with but nevertheless it is a tech item - and a lovely one at that.

I went over to the UK to help out with mum's burgeoning garden. They've had the perfect growing weather in the south of England rain,sun,rain.thunder.sun the odd grey day. So in the garden there are triffids  sorry Lilies growing as tall as triffids, roses blooming everywhere and as for those stunning pansies - well words almost fail. I did say almost haha. But instead of posting flower pics I thought I'd show you my newish, smallish pretty cute studio. This was just a quick shot and if I get a grip I'll be doing a studio video with me actually working in it - wont that be fun haha - anyway here without further ado is said pic - flower shots to follow :)new studio pic


New Creativity Toy

Ok so not being very tech minded I was happy but a bit daunted when Andrew gave me a new Galaxy tablet as a gift (he's a sweetie). Anyway there are a couple of art progs on there and this is one of the first digi pieces to come from there.
Let me know what you think I have to say it was fun

Plunge 001


A delicate harbinger of spring dances across the canvas leaving few marks just whispers of movement.

40 by 30 on unstretched canvas various inks and pens


Happy May Day everyone hope you're all having fun in the sun :)

The Universe in 3 parts

This is the first triptych I've done in years - and it wasn't planned as one haha - well you know best laid plans and all that - actually I've just remembered the last one I did( triptych I mean), it was shown in a small spring exhibition the middle one was immediately sold and the other two sat there like wallflowers at a dance aaah I can hear you say, don't worry the other two eventually found new homes Starting with charcoal, as old as time and ending with acrylic contemporary, modern these pieces seem to encompass the cycle of life somehow

They can stand alone of course but I think they really belong together

40 by 40 cms on deep edged canvas

blog the universe in three parts

Clean Earth Day

clean earth day


Snuck off to take this photo in the middle of the Clean earth day clean up at St Thomas Bay. I do wish people would take their crap with them instead of leaving it all over the place. Ok rant over :)

Here's a little sun flower also found along this rocky coastline





Tin Man at the Toad Pond

This painting is  a little weird,  it's a bit less abstract than  usual as well as being very quiet colourwise - apart from the gold. It was great fun to paint, well at least the first half was then there was about a month where no brush,knife or even fingers touched the canvas that's cos I had a lot of other stufff going on and I just couldn't paint really, well at least I couldn't do anything with this one, anyway here it finally is - 80 by 80 cm on deep edged canvas. Availablefinally finished

It's the meds

Wanted to do some cropping of paintings to upload later, chucked a painting into the scanner then had a total Duh moment where I couldn't remember the process once I'd scanned it :). ( it's the meds or at least that's my excuse ha ha). So after a few moments  of swearing I started to go through my copious notes, ramblings, ideas and so forth in the hope of finding the instructions in one of the many notebooks and pads which can be found lurking all over the house - that was it then straight down the rabbit hole I fell and here I am several hours (or is it days) later. I still haven't found the particular notes I originally wanted and can barely remember what I wanted them for and I've started to fill yet another notebook. How's your day been ?

Series 1

So this is one of 3 produced so far on 40 by 40 cm deep edged canvas, using charcoal and acrylic - the old and the contemporary I love the balance of using these two media, they seem to unite the past and the present

Series 1


I thought it might be an idea to write about buying my paintings. Now although I've had this blog for many years I realize that you don't know me really - only what  I paint. Some of you may love a piece and some may want to own a piece but as you haven't actually met me you'll naturally want reassurance that I'm not about to make off with your hard earned cash - to that end I also have my work displayed with Saatchi - who are known globally and who (for a fee) will process payments and organize transportation of artworks.

I'm also to be found on FB  so you can always contact me there, if you'd like to get to know me a little better.If you buy durectly from me then the prices will naturally be lower than Saatchi's and unless you'd prefer to have work crated and shipped I usually ship rolled in a tube which is practical, convenient , fast and very reasonable. 


Here is the  Saatchi link :https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/768028

and Fb is: LAF ART/ Lyn Walters

or use my contact form

For all of the altered images you can go

Payments via Paypal are also possible





Off Her Head

Done after another hospital stay and consultation. I literally couldn't get my head around the information I was being given, hence the title. 

It's an altered acrylic painting available in various formats from phone cases to pillows :https://fineartamerica.com/featured/off-her-head-laf-art.html

off her head


Feels like spring has sprung well at least in this neck of the woods - if it hasn't visited you yet patience my friends I'm sure it will in the near future haha.Spring