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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.

A gift to celebrate

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting ? .To help celebrate 20 years of painting I'm offering all of my paintings at 20% discount from now until the end of Dec.

Have a look at  my work

Please message me via the contact form me if you there's anything you'd like to ask.

The music and video are both by Andrew. Thanks darling


I love working with this limited palette - it makes me think of caramels - and I looove caramels, toffee, sauce or creme

yum. Since I've given up smoking caramels are playing a larger part in my life :)

40 by 50 cms, acrylic and charcoal on deep edged canvas


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Drawing on the past

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This is quite a curvy painting for me. It's odd actually but as I was drawing the brush across the canvas for one of the first lines,

I had a really strong flashback of creating the same curve in a life drawing class which I'd taken a few years ago. Just goes to show

that nothing is really forgotten.

I've also mananged to put on a couple of kilos since the op. - hurray - so I'm feeling a little curvier myself ha ha

Gold 2

blog gold 2

A companion piece to the previous work - 20 by 30cms on paper.The first was untitled, but I've gone with

gold for now for this one


Todays little offering, and I do mean little only -  20 by 30cm on paper. Acrylic and charcoal, limited palette.

A bit more sombre than usual, reflecting my mood I suppose. It calmed me whilst painting it and I'm quite pleased with the results.

Can't think of a name - ideas welcome


Love the hair

Should she or shouldn't she.

This painting followed a visit to the hairdresser where we chatted about the fact that she wanted to colour her hair

but couldn't decide which colour. After going through the spectrum :) she decided on lilac

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museum 2


I've been out and about in my adopted city Valletta, after spending a couple of months after the surgery at home

it's been lovely to see something other than my own four walls. I visited the Museum of Archaeology looking for inspiration  and thought I'd share a couple of photos with you


I'd painted and posted this before I went into hospital. Having looked at it again recently I realised

that I'd been a bit hasty as it wasn't really what I wanted. It seemed unfinished and without the usual love and attention

that I give to my work. It was obvious that I was totally distracted and should have just left it until I came home again.

So anyway a few days ago I got it out and worked on it some more and now I'm satisfied. There's a much better

balance of colour and the fact that it's had quite a lot of TLC is evident to me. So now I can let it go. It's acrylic on 80 by 80cm

deep edged canvas.blog P1160235



There was a local call to artists in my adopted city, Valletta recently which wanted paintings with a retro feel.

It got me thinking of music, so I loaded my brain with 70's music and prepped a canvas.

I had a great time dancing around to songs from The Kinks, Stones, Gladys Knight, Elton John

and the wonderful Debbie Harry. There were some really fab songs in the 70's and some really

really terrible ones. Listening and looking at music vids the patterns and colours are really exuberant,

which is what I wanted to show in this piece.

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Dreaming of cooler climes 11

This is the second of these cooler climes paintings. The format here is 70 by 50cms rather than square, which made me think about things a little differently  The same limited palette was used.

Recently the  humidity in my studio was up around 90%  and above, using the fan was really irritating, paint drying too quickly and my hair in my eyes so using this cool palette helped :)

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Love this time of the year mainly cos my lilies start to bloom, they're really beautiful and smell absolutely gorgeous.

lily 1

Dreaming of cooler climes

I've been unable to swim this summer due to my operation and I've really missed it. It's probably why

I've spent a fair amount of time looking at and dreaming about places like Iceland, a different way of keeping cool

ha ha. Anyway as you can see I've used a limited pretty cool palette on this along with some charcoal.

Looking at this now that it's finished I think of ice cubes. Hope you're having a cool summer too.


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June Big Black Border


I haven't managed to paint much since I've been home, but am trying to do a little everyday whilst I recuperate.

Here' is one I finished a couple of weeks before the hospital saga. It's 80 by 80cms and is for sale.

I meant to say that the prices are up for all of the paintings now - thanks Andrew xx





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July 2016 Charcoal

Seems ages since I last posted, but at least I have a good reason for a change. I went to see the Doc a few weeks ago and after various tests was whisked into hospital

where I underwent major surgery. I came out a couple of days ago and have now started the recovery process. It all happened so fast that it's been a bit surreal. This is

a charcoal drawing that I made before I went in. It seems to express my confusion and weird state of mind at the time. It's called "A bit of a two and eight".

blog two and eight

Dog's Bollocks

Here are three that I mentioned in my previous post. Although there are darks the palette is a lot brighter and the colours

really pop. The first is 60 by 60 cms and the two smaller canvases are 40 by 40 cms. I must say that I really love the big one,

I think I smiled throughout the entire making of this - not sure why but there you go, funny what makes people smile.



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3 new scans

A few of the new altered watercolours to add to the growing collection, available on duvets, phone cases and all the other goodies in stock

in my shop. So if you have a mo check it out.



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The Cavern

Heres a somwhat wintry feeling painting. It's just completed 60 by 80cms. I say wintry just because the colours are quite

rich and dark in places and also because I've been working on several others at the same time as this one and I've been

using a brighter palette for those


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Cutting corners

This is probably going to sound a little crazy, but I really dislike squared off edges. One of my pet hates is square glass topped tables.

I don't like square tables, bags or rooms. So, bearing that in mind why on earth did I buy 3 square canvases, okay they're smallish only 40 by 40cm

but still. I started working on them this week and am now noticing that most  of the knife strokes are curved - weird, almost as if my subconcious is

compensating for the square format. Anyway here are two of them:

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New camera

Good morning you lovely people. Well it's a fine, mild day here in sunny Malta. It was my birthday recently and my gorgeous man Andrew bought me a camera. I've been wanting a small easy to use camera for a while now, and this fits the bill really well. Because I am primarily an abstract painter I often see things when I'm wandering around - not whole scenes but small edges or corners and angles that spark ideas, my intention is to have an ideas board  in the studio which will be filled with these little snippets as well as other stuff that takes my eye. It's so cool to finally have enough space to do this.

So here is the first pic on my camera, a macro, I think this could could become an addiction


I found this little one when I was sorting my new space out.

blog elephant 

There are 5 paintings waiting for me in various stages of completion so over the next few days I shall hopefully be uploading some new works

New Studio

So after flat hunting for what seems like months, we've finally moved into an old house in the lovely city of Valletta. Having been without a studio for the last year, which has been difficult, bearing in mind that I like to work fairly large and have had to work on the floor of the sitting room with no wiggle room I finally have a studio again, oh happy happy me. So I thought I'd share a coup[le of studio photos with you, I love it, it's light and airy and large enough for me to paint double the size yay - so watch this space haha. Actually for the last few months I've resorted to works on paper, which has, surprisingly been very freeing. I mean if I mess up a painting it's only paper and it has meant that I've been experimenting more, so every cloud and all that.

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