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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.

New Year - New Site - 2016

Hi and welcome to my new updated website I wish you all a very happy 2016 . I hope you'll find the site easy to navigate and enjoyable to view. A huge thank you to my lovely, talented and very patient partner Andrew for putting all this together. You are amazing. If you have any comments or queries please contact me via my contact form, I'd love to hear from you.

I'd like to thank Marie, my delightful Japanese agent, who has set up a site to represent my work in Japan.
Since I last posted I was lucky enough to be part of an exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. Marie was responsible for my participation. Thanks Marie.
The theme of the exhibition was winter, so I painted 5 small works on paper. Here's one of them:

 Winter Postcard a 600

Next time I exhibit in Japan I hope I 'll be able to be there in person.

Andrew and I decided to do a little collaborative project so I painted some watercolours and he then manipulated them. We thought they looked pretty cool that they'd look great on duvets and so they're available now in the shop. We ordered one recently and the quality is really good.

duvet 1160015

I'm currently working in various formats and have several paintings on the go which I'll be posting a bit more regularly, now that the new site is up and running.

I hope you'll visit again to see what I'm up to.

landscape 1

This is a little different than my usual work. A landscape format using (for me) a lot of green, I think my recent UK visit has influenced this painting quite a lot


Bright Spots

My latest - 120 by 100cms, acrylic on canvas. This has been a couple of months in the making, but it's finished now and available for sale


At the Exhibition at Palazzo de Piro, Mdina, Malta

Here are some photos from my last exhibition. I was quite surprised at how well the colour of the walls complimented the paintings.











Exhibition at Palazzo de Piro, Mdina, Malta

It's been ages since I posted anything, one of the reasons is because we moved to the lovely little town of Mosta, and the other reason you can see below. I've been preparing for this exhibition for a while now and will be hanging it on Friday morning ready for the opening on Friday evening.

These are close ups a  of a part of two of the new paintings that will be shown.





and this is me putting my foot in it. Newt time I'll move the palette before standing up haha



This is the reaction to the black and white paintings, hits of pure exuberant colour.


Black and White

Obsessions, - we all have them, these became mine. Actually they were a reflection of the grey world that I seemed to be inhabiting for a while.

and maybe here


1st upload of 2015

This is the first of 2015 - it's not quite finished yet, a little tweaking needs to be done, but I wanted to share it anyway. I hope everyone had a great New Year and wish you all a happy and successful 2015.


Happy 2015



This is a small panel, it was snapped up as soon as I posted it on FB, but I thought some of you may like to see it anyway



Hi to whoever pops in, good of you to visit. I've just finished this one, as I mentioned in the wip it's my largest so far 120 by 100cms. as with my other work it is for sale so if you are interested please contact me. I have it hanging on my sitting room wall at the moment, something I do with most of the paintings, and it is really brightening up the room.


WIP September 14

This is partly why I'm having the clear out in of my studio. This is a work in progress, my largest canvas so far - it's 120cm by 100cm and I really love the freedom this larger size brings. Of course it also means that I make larger mistakesSmile but that's all part of painting, at least for me.

Anyway I've added a few close -ups so that you get a better idea of my process. I  hope you enjoy.Oh and there are a couple of darker patches on the close-ups - sorry about that it's the shadow of my hairCool






The whole thing text stuff  here





Hi everyone, I'm having a studio clear out at the moment and have decided to auction off some of my older pieces on Ebay.so why not pop over and have a look. Here is the first listing:

Click here to visit the ebay auction


The Bieganski Exhibition MCC, Malta. Well, tonight's the night, I'm really  pleased to be one of the participating artists. Here are a few photos  of setting up that I thought you might enjoy seeing. If you're in the area why not pop in and have a look for yourselves






Roses for Mum

Roses for Mum. I rarely paint flowers, as you'll know if you have visited  before, but she loves flowers and doesn't understand abstracts and as her birthday is coming up I put away the big palette knives and got out the teeny  brushes and painted this. Actually I enjoyed it (not enough to swap what I usually do haha) but it was good practice, almost like trying a new discipline.

Roses for Mum

What I Saw When I Came Out Of The Water

Afternoon everyone (or should I say anyone haha)I'm never sure whether or not anyone actually visits (yes I know there are stats etc but it's not the same as having feedback or comments.

These two paintings are the last two that I've painted for an upcoming exhibition. Inspired by a morning swim, actually I'm wishing I was in the water now, however no chance today. Anyway I hope you enjoy these. Both 60 by 90cms




A slightly less saturated palette, still using the same colours and glazing techniques,been thinking a lot about time lately and this is the result


Forced to engage

This painting has been through so many ugly stages and has been such a struggle for me to balance that I'm pleased to actually be able to show it. I thought so many times that I'd gesso over it and start again but every time I reached for the gesso I seemed to be forced into making another glaze, taking my big palette knife and attacking the canvas. so this is the reason for the name.


Duochrome Red

Next in the reduced palette series. Black white and cadmium red. I really had to be careful not to end up with too much pink in this painting. I'm not over fond of pink being not a very girly girl. It's my mother's favourite colour so I hope she doesn't read this haha

Duochrome Red