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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.

New work station

Since the big clean up in the studio Andrew's boss has left us a 22inch wide screen monitor to look after so we've set up a work station for me in our sitting room.

The photo on the left is of Andrew's work area and the right hand side is mine.

It's really funny to see this set up as I have never really been into computers, Andrew is the geeky one

It's made a huge difference having a large screen for the digi paintings, especially since it's hooked up to the lap top so that screen has all the other

stuff on it

My approach to digi  painting has been much the same as my approach to acrylic painting, experimentation and trial and lots of error. With equal amounts of frustration and fascination thrown in for good measure,Ohh and lots and lots of layers.

Having the 2 screens has meant that I've finally got a bit of a grip and am sorting out files and folders and other - for me - mundane tasks that I've never mastered (much to Andrew's annoyance).


It's surprising how liberating I'm finding it.

 Below is the first of the digis from the super duper wide screen


Now I get to move back and forward between the studio and the computer, let's see if a little exercise helps the creative process.

Studio pics

As the studio spring cleaning is finished and everything is looking tidy and organised, I thought you might like to have a little peek (More pictures in the Biography/Studio section of the site.)

Best to see it now because it won't stay this way for very long. It's a gorgeous sunny day today, so ideal for taking photos.


Here's our boy Ralphy, lying in his favourite position, directly behind me. So that I can trip over him, every time I step backwards.


A bit of a tidy up

I've been sorting out the older paintings in my studio recently dusting them off re-working some of them,and decided

it was about time to sort out the online gallery as well. Paintings have been added in no particular order and the gallery has become too cumbersome to view properly. So now we've added new categories so that it will be easier and quicker to navigate.Have a look and let me know what you think

Well after a week or so of lolling(and I don't mean laughing out loud) in bed due to the fact that my back has decided to remind me that I can't go running around like a teenager any more or the disc will pop out again, I'm finally upright and on the mend. I managed to complete this painting as a gift in between the lolling, good thing the studio is in our apartment, so I could just hobble along there whenever the painkillers kicked in. It made me smile whilst painting it:

Sue's feet

Pell Mell 3 Completed

Here's the finished 3rd Pell Mell:


Pell Mell 1 reworked

Here's the "upgraded" version of the first Pell Mell:


Pell Mell

I decided a couple of weeks ago that rather than have some of the older paintings sitting around the studio gathering dust, it would be better to re-use them. So without a totally clear idea of a theme, I started on the one below.

Probably due to the fact that we've been living in the same apartment for 4 years(the longest time we've lived anywhere)this painting, which begun as an abstract started to take on the semi linear lines of the buildings which surround us.

Using pastels which give a lovely texture on canvas as well as my customary acrylics Pell Mell virtually painted itself.

I was pretty pleased with the result and started the second painting.


Starting the second one it soon became clear that this was going to become a small series. Not only that but when this one was finished I realized that it was much better than the original and so it's back to work on the first one to give a little more definition to the shapes.


This will be the third of them. It's still a work in progress, and I'm enjoying incorporating parts of the original painting into the new one.I'll post  photos of this one and the first Pell Mell when they finished

Make your own seitan from wheat flour


Seitan is a versatile source of vegetarian protein. Andrew and I have been making our own for several years and he finally got to making a video on how to do it.

Making your own seitan from wheat flour is really easy. But I think it's not that easy to learn from text due to the washing process - which is why I wanted to share this video.

Basically it's making plain dough out of flour and water, later washing out the starch to leave just the protein and then boiling it in a marinade.

It takes about 5 minutes to make the dough, 5 minutes to wash out the starch and another 10 minutes for the prep work. So it's about 20 minutes work and including resting the dough and marinading, the whole process takes just over one hour.

1. Don't use wholemeal flour.
2. The approx. half hour "soaking" in water is important. Too short or too long and things go wrong when washing out the starch.
3. The texture of the seitan is influenced by how much the dough is washed. Not washing enough results in seitan that tastes of flour. Washing it until the water is clear results in a very rubbery texture.
4. The seitan can be left in the marinade overnight.
5. It keeps in the fridge for a few days.
6. Breaded seitan slices are nice with potato salad too.(Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat)

Sam the carver II

Having shown you some of Sam's carvings I thought I'd show you the man. So here is a charcoal portrait that I drew from one of the photos that Andrew took. As you can perhaps see he has seen a lot of life

Sam the carver

Devil's Workshop

Devil's WorkshopSo here is the final result of my play canvas. It has a lot of texture and found objects.The colours are really rich and earthy, and I so enjoyed working with these colours that I think I shall start another canvas with them in mind. But with a different theme.

Evolution 3 of the Play Canvas

I've been working on a canvas now for a few weeks, it has not been going well. In fact it has been really frustrating, I've been glazing and glazing and still am not seeing what I want to see

play canvas 1

play canvas 2

play canvas 3

So today I was looking around and I noticed my play canvas beckoning and after an hour or so there it was, finally, I could see a painting. So here is progress so far, there is a lot to be done still but I'm excited about it and can see the final piece

Sam the Carver

We went to visit Sam who is a carver yesterday. He lives in an unremarkable street, in a terraced house which from the outside looks ordinary. But inside the house is another story as every room has a different pattern of Maltese tiles laid. Here are a couple of photos of the tiles. I really love them, many of the older houses have these tiles, they have so much more personality than their modern counterparts.



We went up onto to the roof, it was like climbing to a different world. Here he spends much of his days carving from blocks of limestone and making things out of gypsum, he has created intricate and delicate cities of stone. We left him sitting in the sun, smiling and carving out his own special world.




People Power

The People have won.:   www.telegraph.co.uk What absolutely brilliant news.

That people can change things without resorting to pulling out the big guns and doing the whole mine is bigger than yours thing. That it took only 18  days. That  they remained a civilised nation throughout.. The people of Egypt rock They have given me hope for the world.

Seven Days In The Art World by Sarah Thornton

seven days

This book was so enjoyable the first time around that I'm  re-reading it.

Sarah Thornton approaches the contemporary art scene as an objective observer, taking the reader from the rarefied rooms of the auction house through the quirky and sometimes cut-throat world of the Biennale and onto the often nonsensical Critics, artists and art magazines; which all provides insight and information.

She moves through this world with humour and insight and paints great little vignettes of the sometimes larger than life and often crazy characters.

Doranne Alden at the Intercontinental, St. Julian's

I visited Doranne Alden's exhibition Jewelled Colours, in the Club lounge on the 15th floor at the Intercontinental Hotel, St. Julians, Malta last week. She paints everyday objects with dash and flair. She works in watercolour using the Ecoline Liquid Watercolours brand which at first glance could can be mistaken for acrylics as they are so rich and vibrant. In fact I may have to try them myself.

The exhibition runs until February 18th. Pop along and have a look for yourselves.

Doranne's apples

First one of the New Year

Here is today's offering. The first one this year.It's a small 40 cm by 30 cm, predominantly red with a little gold and turquoise for good measure, hope it brightens your day a little, it brightened mine when painting it.

Seeing Red


I thought you all deserved a real treat so here is piece of music that Andrew created when we were living in La Linea, Spain, a town just across from Gibraltar. It never fails to get me dancing around the room whenever he plays it, so have a listen it'll brighten your day too.



Chakorocco by chakonari

Up All Night

That's Andrew not me, he's been up all night sorting out all the bells and whistles, so that you can now Like my FB page through the box on the right - you can also share individual blog posts through the buttons underneath the articles. So once again a big smoozy kiss to Andrew and I'll give him something special for dinner. He also wrote a blog post about it on his site.

New digis

 Hope everyone has recovered from the holiday festivities.

I've added 2 new pieces to the digi gallery. You can view larger versions of the images there.

 I've really been enjoying playing with the graphic tablet at the moment and will hopefully improve in leaps and bounds the more I do

Woodcut Msida  Shadow painting

Happy 2011 !!!

Happy 2011