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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.

The Sentry

What is your deepest darkest secret? How do you guard it - with silence, by hiding it, burying it deep?

Is it something you'd love to confess, bring it out into the open, let the light in then.

This is 40 by 40cm acrylic and charcoal on canvas  - called The Sentry it is there to protect.

Availablethe sentry

The Seamstress

I started this 40 by 40 cm using the same palette as for The Mechanic, in the back of my mind I was thinking of it as a sort of companion piece - well having looked at it after I'd finiished I couldn't think of a name - Andrew  immediately said The Seamstress so there it is. Being in a state of constant health worries at the moment it's great when someone else does some of the thinking for me haha.companion piece to the big one

The Mechanic

This was finished a few weeks ago and then laid aside. It popped into my peripheral vision again yesterday and so here it is. This muted palette was really cool to work with, just gold, green and white plus  vine charcoal for the darks.

I've named it The Mechanic at the moment cos it reminds me of machine parts somehow.

90 by 60 cms available

The Mechanic


Red City

Although I've named this Red City one of my lovely FB followers suggested Arsenal so I may change it. This is an altered acrylic painting now available in a variety of guises courtesy of :https://fineartamerica.com/featured/red-city-laf-art.html

So why not pop over and check it out. I have to say that the quality of the FAA products is excellent.

Red City



Under stress

Some people perform like stars under stress, it almost seems as if they just go through the motions until a dollop of stress gets factored into the mix then watch 'em go. Others just curl up in a ball and hope that the storm passes fast.

This painting has kept me busy during a very stressful week which isn't over yet.The original painting had been a very simple abstract which I loved because of the colours - I'm a bit of a purple freak , but I had never been totally convinced of as a finished painting. Anyway the week started with me too agitated to do anything useful but really needing something which would take my mind off things, et voila this painting popped into my line of vision. It has steadied me, taken me away for long periods of time. The only thing I've been unable to do is name it. I'm thinking of - Reunion of sorts.

It's 40 by 30 cm on unstretched canvas - which means it rolls into a tube for transport.


reunion of sorts all


On a bit of a roll at the mo, probably cos I got to buy new supplies yesterday Yay. As soon  as I returned with the goodies I started trying them out as you do :). Went out later for a drink or two and this morning have had to do a bit of tidying up haha. Came across this which I'd posted on FB but forgot to post here. Called Woodwind cos as soon as a Cello playing friend of mine saw it she said it made her think of brass/woodwind instruments which I thought was cool - cheers Rach.Woodwind

Wild Garden

Heeeeellllo is there anybody out there, I hope so or else I'm talking to myself, which wouldn't be the first time haha. I suppose at least here people cant't look at me strangely as they do in the street hahaha.

Anyway enough nonsense here's  another 40 by 40cm called Wild Garden.

I decided after painting Garden Design that this should be a series, given my love for gardens , plants,flowers anything that grows really even attractive weeds which are after all merely misplaced flowers.

It's available if you like to have this on your wall then you just have to let me know :).

wild garden

Garden Design

A plethora of pink. Called Garden design because I was thinking about gardens as I painted this. I love gardens and gardening, have always had Green fingers and have worked as a gardener in various places, anyway I'd  recently been looking through various courses with the idea of going back to school for a while. A landscape design course caught my eye and had me really excited until I read the price tag which was something in the region of 5000 euros - gasp - and this for a distance learning course, so abstract painted gardens and photos will have to do for now. Andrew,  who photographs the paintings for me reckons that this is a really girly painting as it loves the camera hahaha

40 by 40 cms Available

Garden design

Ocean Charabanc

I grew up by the sea and have lived by one sea or another for most of my life - I get withdrawals after a while if I'm inland?

so with that said this piece is called:
Ocean Charabanc
40 by 30 cm on unstretched canvas
As you can see it's another collage - enjoy...
Available - ships in a tube
As you can see  I've added a border as it gives the edges more definition. Of course if you buy the painting you can choose whether you'd like a border or not
charabancwith border

Joys of a limited palette

This one has only three colours including the dark blue ink. Very freeing to have such a limited number,  it forces me to evaluate tones and shades much more so the work gains another dimension.. Years ago at the beginning it was a daunting experience to have so few colours, the temptation was always to add, afraid of there not being enough interest perhaps, nowadays as I say I find it liberating, then again today the work is more about the flow.It's finally finished, well except for naming it.As I've said before in the wip stage this is a pretty personal piece for me, showing as it does some of the weird workings of my mind. At least my mind is still working and for that I'm grateful.

120 by 100 cm on deep edged canvas.


This has now been officially named Map of La La Land - and as anyone who knows me will attest a very fitting title hahaha


The scope

The more I attend to the details on this painting the more I'm being made aware of the vast scope of the world. I'm not trying to compare this painting to the world you understand it's just that comparing the canvas size to the details makes me think of how, off the canvas and back into the world us = the details and we are but specks on the world canvas. So it seems my painting is putting me in my place ha


Lucky number 3

A chilly but sunny morning here - the cloud formations have me staring out of the window daydreaming instead of getting on with some painting. Speaking of which I'm about half way through the big one and will post a couple more detail shots soon but here is another from the Innerscape series - this one is lucky number 3?
40 by 30 cm on unstretched canvas.
Available ?

innerscape 3

Wandering mind

When your mind wanders where does it go - I don't mean physically obviously, although if any of you have a mind which actually does go out for a wander I'd love to hear about it.When I 'm working on these very detailed paintings I let my mind wander - not that I have a lot of control usually - ha but that's why they are such personal pieces. The current painting is the largest of these detail rich paintings so far, the going is fairly slow but the sun is streaming through the window onto my back, I'm seeing lots of delicate lines and shapes emerge and like wispy thoughts they have to be carefully followed so that they don't disappear. At the moment at  I'm quite happy with the progress. Another detail shot

flower detail shot


me and my shadow

detail shot of shadow

I've always loved crossword puzzles - providing thery're not too hard lol. I like the possibilities when looking at the clues. The words can take me anywhere. This painting reminds me of that, if you've looked at the previous post you'll know what I mean, I look at the lines and my mind wanders about, I've started jotting down random words  and phrases whilst I paint.: the back flip or high dive, sea otter, juice - anyway here is progress shot - I really should have worn my glasses then I would have seen the shadow haha and also a detail shot


Hello to 2018 - I hope it's a good, healthy and happy one for everyone

So after extolling the virtues of unstretched canvas here is the beginning of a new painting - on stretched deep edged canvas,

it's 120 by 100. Yes I know I'm getting pottier by the daysmily - anyway this already had the base painted - an unfinished uninspiring effort

which has changed beyond all recognition into something that I'm already quite excited about.I love it when  a canvas starts to call to me.Here is where

I am at the mo - will update more as I go along

New one started in the old year

new old 3


Last one of the year

Last painting of the year -well last one to be shown anyway. It's been a bit of an up and down year - trying to recover my equilibrium as well as my health. Through it all I've painted. It's the painting that keeps me sane - well sane ish smily although of course everything's relative. Anyway I hope you all have a good New Year and will come and visit me again in 2018
This is Innerscape 11
30 by 40 cm on unstretched canvas
Availableinner close up 2
innerscape 2

Flower Power Hippo

I love this one - it's a bit girly for me and also it's collage on paper which is not something I do usually

but here we are, a fun and whimsical piece which makes me smile

30 by 20 cm. Available.

flower power hippo

Percy's Park Life

Another whimsical piece, it's making me smile as I post it,

So there's Percy the pooch and Pansy  in the park - you can make your own story out of it, or

maybe I will on canvas  ha ha.

Collage and acrylic and pens again - 40 by 30 cm unstretched canvas




As anyone who pops over here regularly will know  I tend to do most of my work on deep edged canvas panels, well I think that is about to change. For two reasons  the first being that it is such a pain in the bum when it comes to moving house - which we recently did  carting 80 or so paintings from one place to the other and the second reason is that as I'm sending more and more of my work overseas it really makes sense to work on unstretched canvas which can be rolled and sent easily, quickly and of course much more cost effectively. Here is the first of the new paintings, :


40 by 30 cms 

unstretched canvas ( shipped rolled in a tube)

acrylic, inks and pens

120 euro inc postage

Innerscape 1