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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.

Reading Rheni

I love art books. They are delicious. I see them and want to dive into them, for me they are  as irresistible as a bottle of good red. With that said I ordered the New Acrylics Essential Sourcebook by Rheni Tauchid and eagerly awaited its arrival.

It did not disappoint.

Whether you are a new artist or someone like me who has been painting for years, there is a wealth of information and the rich colours and textures of the paintings made me want to rush into my studio and start sloshing colours around. The most stunning and imaginative thing for me  is a coat made out of paint skins.


Cheek muscles






The latest of the muscle/bone studies.
Next time you laugh or speak just think of the work that goes on underneath.

Came across this quote

by Marcus Aurelius

Flinch not, neither give up or despair.

Suit thyself to the estate in which thy lot is cast.

Remember this: the longest lived and the soonest to die

have an equal loss, for it is the present alone of which

either will be deprived.

Well said that man.


It's too cold in my studio to paint, so I'm cuddled up by the fire sketching and (hopefully) improving my drawing skills.

Language services

Aside from Lyn's art, we also offer:


Proofreading, copywriting, copy-editing in English and German.

Please use the contact form if you require one of these services.

This messy business

I have discovered a new love – charcoal. There is something magical about marking the paper with this medium. Just a shame that I mark all the other surfaces around me at the same time.
As a left hander I have an automatic smudge tool built in. I'm sure that there are tidy left handers, but I am not one of them

Show a leg

Right Leg





Here is the next body part, charcoal on cartridge paper, it made me realize how complex we are.


Happy New Year to one and all.
One of my aims for the New Year is to incorporate the human form into some of my work.
With  the old adage “ to break the rules you first have to learn them” in mind I recently started taking a Life drawing class, which I am really enjoying.
To get a firmer grasp on the basics I have started to draw the muscles and bones of the body so in between showing recent works I thought I would show some of these. Here are the first two - charcoal on heavyweight cartridge paper.


Fruity Vines

I had started off with something completely different on this one and didn't have any other canvas left(as it "occasionally" happens)... but I needed to get out what was in my head. My latest:

Fruity Vines



Just came across this image of an old work of mine that I painted when we lived in Spain.

It was of a place called Sotogrande, which has a large marina. I realized that it was the forerunner to the Valletta series which is the capital of Malta, where we are currently living.

I no longer have the original Sotogrande as it was appropriated. I hope whoever is currently in possession is enjoying it.


Red Shiva

Here's my latest finished work:





The amulet at the centre of this mixed media piece was blessed by a Buddhist  monk during my travels in Thailand.


Another two based on my partner's photo:

Arch Portait

Arch Landscape


Arch Photo


Painted Plum

Photo plum

Chilli - done

The finished chilli:

Finished chilli


Spotted in a local newspaper:


 ... and here's my latest wip (nearly done):


 Based on my partner's photo:

A word about my work

The objects in the mixed media pieces are reclaimed and recycled, picked up on my wanderings.

The glass in the painting - Shattered Glass – was picked up from a rocky beach where I walk. It's an area that once was wild and beautiful, but is now  scarred by the thoughtlessness of drunken revellers lobbing empty wine bottles, and other even less savoury objects about.

Size does matter!

Normally I like to paint on canvases of 50cms by70cms and larger,
cos I relish the freedom of big canvases  but I started to do these
little 20x30 canvases for a festival and although at first I found
them quite a challenge, after the first ten or so I got quite hooked.
I am endeavouring to paint a small canvas a day as I find it's good
discipline and continue to work on the larger canvases as well.

more blah

Having read many blogs, I realise I have nothing original to say,  so without further ado I shall just show you my art and and hope you enjoy it.