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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.


Packing up to move at the moment so I'll be posting random photos for the next few days - that's the only problem with painting on wrapped canvas - moving can be a real pain in the bum with larger canvases - hey ho :)
Anyway this is called Temples and is 60 by 80cm
Obviously available as I'm currently packing it, so if you want to save me from this odious task then you could consider buying it :)



Hi people, hope you're having a chilled Sunday.

Here's a little one I completed last night. It's acrylic and pens on Yupo

20 by 30 cms.




There are paintings which almost paint themselves, by which I mean I prep the canvas

select the first colour,  load my knife or brush and when I look up again several hours have passed

and I have at least the base of the painting sorted in my head and on the canvas.Usually a tea break follows.

Then there are the others ..... one of which I'm working on now - well I say working, actually what I'm mostly 

doing is staring. This painting was was started a while ago, I had an idea which I started to paint then

realized that it really didn't work so knifed some white over it and sat and stared at it for a while.

I've laid down another couple of colours and am staring again - it's quite frustrating cos I can almost

see what I need to do - almost, but not quite. Hmm maybe some wine would help

soph detail

A detail - which may or may not be changed - hey ho


A critical eye

I've been casting a critical eye over some of my recent paintings, mainly due

to moving  them around to make more space. Anyway this one caught my eye

as it seemed unfinished somehow, almost like it had forgotten to puts its clothes on.

So I took various brushes and pens to it and it is now dressed and ready to leave the




I've always been interested in politics, alternately amused and infuriated by the buffoonery, arrogance, and

shortsightedness shown by many,  grateful for those who show compassion

 and wisdom.But over the last few years I've become more and more

 disenchanted with the so called democracy under which most of

us toil and also the appalling amount of posturing and obfuscation which goes on within

governments - mostly in the name of pocket filling or power pumping or both.

To that end I paint only with transparent colours. It's my modest form

of protest.



This was painted a few months ago at the height of the festa/fiesta

season here. They love fireworks and use any excuse to stage a show.

For this reason the painting also reminds me of summer.

It's 60 by 60cm and available -  a quick message will secure it.


Morning from Malta

Morning people, the sun is out it's a gorgeous day here.

Thought I'd show you something which has always fascinated me.

So without further ado ta da.

morning from Malta

Forgotten about these

Hope you're having a chilled sunday - I would be except for the bloody church bells.

Anyway I'd forgotten that I'd done these - digitally enhanced watercolours. If you

like them you can obtain prints and also very groovy looking duvet covers from:



scan 4 c


Got caught in the rain as I was delivering a couple of paintings today.

The temp has dropped to a very comfortable 25degrees, there's a sllightly

different smell in the air and so I painted this.

It's 20 by 30cm acrylic on Yupo paper and last but not least it's available


The Balloon Handler

Moving with elegance and a languid

show of grace

The ghost of a smile flits across her face

Slouching slowly behind an expression

hard to place

The bobbling balloon string tied

around his waist

They meandered along showing no signs of haste

 the balloon handler

Touching my toes - finished

Oops I forgot to post the final version of this painting. I hope no one was waiting with bated breath,

they'd have shuffled off by now haha.

Anyway I had a lot of fun with this painting and as a bonus got a bit of exercise as well.

I was told off by a friend of mine a few nights ago cos I usually forget to give sizes when I post and he said it's hard for people  to know if they want it

when they have no idea of scale - well true, so without further ado:

50 by 40cms acrylic, inks and pens on gallery wrapped canvas.

If you'd like any other info about any of my work then please just message me.

I don't bite - well only when I haven't eaten ha ha

you can always contact me on Fb if that's easier: https://www.facebook.com/LAF.Art/


finished touching my toas 



Here's another from today. On paper, this is acrylic and inks.

Totally different, I know. Actually it's one of the things I really enjoy about 

working on paper, I seem to explore different  working methods.

Looking at this paintng together with the previous one which were

worked on simultaneously I can see the balance that they bring me.

Brain fog

Woke up this morning with a migraine - lovely, and the day hasn't really progressed much from there.

I've just been moving stuff around pretty aimlessly, I have managed to finish a couple of small works

on paper, which as my studio is a hideously humid  80% again, I have to be happy with.

This one is on linen paper which has a lovely feel to it.


The Pelican and the surfboard

The pelican and the surfboard, a complex relationship by all accounts, and she didn't

help. Her with her inscrutable smile, draped in her seaweed wrap.Their commonality

nowhere to be seen, unless of course you count the green.


Making suggestions

 Morning people thought I'd show you this -

 it's a piece I painted a while go and couldn't for the life of me think of a name for as happens

from time to time, so I asked for suggestions on Fb, here are some of the ideas, which I enjoyed reading

and thought you might too.If you'd like to make your own suggestions, ask questions or just generally get to know

me a little then why not pop over  to FB - you'll find me on.https://www.facebook.com/LAF.Art/

Come on over  I'd love to see you


no name so far

The Redheads

The Redheads

Mysterious and outwardly bold

trailing tales of magic

stories of old

glittering threads

among the dark dark reds

the redheads

Playing with alcohol

Morning everyone - hope your Sunday is a sunny one.This one was done Saturday evening - alcohol and acrylics, and a couple of glasses of wine to smooth things along haha

DSC01239.jpgplaying with alcohol

Touching my toes

I began this painting whilst listening to the Stranglers and doing my exercises.

So basically lots of energy and not much else haha.

Andrew wandered in took one look and said it was as if a child had thrown everything at

the canvas. Well he's not far wrong haha, so now I have to bring it to some kind of order. I'll post the end result in a couple of days

touching my toes


Blurring the lines

A jewel coloured labyrinth where you can lose yourself

Cobalt blue invites you in

The lines between past and present blur

Understand the symbols lying therein

60 by 80cms Available 

blurring the lines