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Hello. My Name is Lyn Walters and I paint under the name LAF ART. I hope you enjoy my work. To view, simply make a selection from the Works menu above.

If you wish to purchase an original or use an image, please send me a message via the contact form regarding costs or usage terms.

Diverse doodlings

I usually have at least a couple of paintings on the go at any one time at various stages of completion.

Despite this the old artist block still sometimes hits and rather than give in to it I fiddle around with

other mediums, usualy on paper or whatever is to hand. It sort of jump starts the creative juices

or just reminds me sometimes of a colour mix or a stroke that I want to try and with that I'm off again.

Here's a mix of recent doodles.

.diverse doodles



The thread that binds

The third and last one of these skins on Yupo pieces, at least for now. I really enjoy working with these colours but feel

the need to get back to the brights for a while.

the thread that binds

Meeting at the shore

I must be a glutton for punishment. We're enjoying the Lucifer heatwave at the moment, so think

hot, sticky and hideously humid, the studio temp is hovering around 31 degrees. Which is of course why I decided that

this  should be the week I play with paint skins, these delicate easily ruined strips which stick to each other and to me

in equal proportions. As you can imagine I'm having a ball hahaha.

stones 2

When shall we three meet again

When shall we three meet again.
Reminiscent of the standing stones
I've been experimenting with paint skins. Skins on Yupo  this is about 40 by 30 cm.

Availablestanding stones


This was another find during the cleanup, it was half finished so I've finished it. It's 40 by 30cm acrylic and pen on canvas board.

I don't often use canvas board cos they sometimes warp - and I really don't like warped boards, but this was an exception and I must

admit it has a really lovely surface to it.

These colours are the antidote to the super hot weather we're currently experiencing

blog P1160386

Studio clean up

Spent yesterday having a massive studio clean up.I could have filled a beach with the amount of sand and dust?mainly due to all of the building works in our area,but also due to the fact that I'm not the worldsbest cleaner ha ha. Anyway I came across one of my favourite paintings and thought I'd show you best cleaner ha ha. Anyway I came across one of my favourite paintings and thought I'd show youglow


Bells Insanity

I live opposite a church in a narrow street where noise reverberates.

There's nowhere to escape this noise and this together with the extreme heat

we've been having has resulted in this painting

bells insanity 3



Every summer around this time, when the weather is really hotting up I reach for the turquoise and the blues

and begin a "cool" painting as a sort of antidote to the heat. This year is no different except that this year

the painting is inspired by the Saltpans in Gozo. I love the colours and the forms, the way the pans have been smoothed and

rounded by the elements.

blog P1160353

Not much painting done

storyboard 5

Hey there to anyone reading this. Thanks for popping by.

I haven't done much painting in the last few days - well I've started quite a few,

scrapped a couple of howlers and sweated and sworn in the heat haha. Humidity has been at 80 odd percent

 - too hot to lift a knife hahah. Besides which I'm setting up a new shop which is taking time and patience

not good with either.

So I thought I'd show an older painting.

It's called Storyboard - inspired by the storyboards used in filmaking.

It's 60 by 90 cms and is still available

The Peeping Tom

black hole

Here's one which I finished a week or so ago. I popped it onto my Fb page

as I couldn't think of a name and wanted to pick peoples' brains.

Thanks to Guzeppe it has now been named The Peeping Tom.

It was fun reading the names that people came up with.

I see red

Hi everyone, this is another work on Yupo - I really love this paper.

It's 20 by 30 cms unmounted, which means that if you choose to buy it it will be sent

rolled in a tube which ensures its arrival in good condition.

It also means that you can choose your own mount which is a good idea

I see red border

Yippee for Yupo

So after a seemingly endless wait the Yupo paper is finally here.

It's quite different than I imagined somehow, I thought (despite reading a lot about it) that

it would be transparent, well actually it's translucent. Note to self - pay attention hahaha.

The suface is smooth and slippery, so much so that I was expecting the paint to roll off the paper.

Every brushstroke shows, the knife glides smoothly across leaving trails and marks. Semi transparent

blocks of colour show off these marks - give substance.

I'm liking it so far. Here are a few little paintings, some are alcohol and ink, some are acrylic and

some are a mixture of both. Click on the image to LAF ART Yupo Works.

blog yupo collection

Bird's eye

Been looking at  aerial shots again - wow some of them are amazing. Anyway prompted by the shots

I've been thinking about movement and journeys.

Just imagine being a bird and watching our world from a detached distance.

blog P1160342

A bigger studio

I moved into this studio around a year ago and at the time remember thinking

how cool it was to have so much room. Hmm, now I'm starting to feel that I could

do with double the space. Just being greedy I suppose, or maybe it's just the way I inhabit every inch, the only thing missing is my old studio companion Ralphy, who I used to trip over regularly, I miss my old boy

e.studio floor work

.studio blog





Move in circles

Inspired originally by looking at shots of aerial views. Thinking of journeys, migrations.

Crossing and re-crossing paths.

We all have our own meandering lines and sometimes

we just move in circles.

60 by 80cm acrylic on canvas. Available

blog P1160338

White out

Well as sometimes happens I've spent nearly all day working on a couple of paintings only to step back and

realize that I've gone too far with both of them. They will now get the whiteout treatment and I'll go again.

It's a bit frustrating but part and parcel of the whole painter thing - at least it is as far as I'm concerned.

So here is a photo


Anyone who pops over here with any regularity will have noticed occasional photos mixed in with the paintings.

This  was taken on a recent visit to England - actually on a walk around the heath near the home of a good friend.

There were so many different birds on and around the water, not to mention dogs splashing in and out after sticks, anyway these two caught my eye.blog geese

Still Life

For some, this painting will be a flowing abstract, for others there are things to be seen, shapes among the colours, a telling curve,

which one are you I wonder

blog P1160331

Not sentimental

I'm not particulary sentimental as a rule, except with animals, and I'd decided a while ago that due to situational and financial constraints I would have no more than 30 or 40 paintings hanging around, anything that hadn't been sold would be recycled in one way or another. So today I pulled out a painting that was painted around 5 or 6 years ago and moved it around the studio and let it sit for a while and eventually laid it down with the intention of laying a few marks and I cant, I just cannot seem to put a mark on the canvas.
Looking at it I can see the first time I tried a certain technique,

The long one

blog the long one wips

blog P1160303

This is a bit of an odd one. It started life as a collaboration between

Andrew and me but wandered off on it's own haha.

It's a weird size for me but originally it was to fit onto a sliver

of wall in our bedroom, it's 40 by 120cm.

Anyway here are a couple of wip shots, followed by the end result