Here's a painting that I've been working on - it's based on one of Dion's poems called Sexual Healing, Dion has written several poems based on my paintings(which of course you'd know if you've been following this blogWink) - but this is the first time that I have tried to paint one of his poems,there is still quite a lot of work to be done on it, but  you get the general drift.


Sexual Healing I Need

Sexuality has to do with natural DNA.
Evolving into Straight, Bi, Trans, or Gay.
X-rays cannot determine the facts.
Unique are desires and sexual acts.

All of us need that intimate human touch,
Leading to a healing that’s liked very much.
Healing results from the art of love,
Eternally blessed by the One above.

Animal urges at times need to be tamed.
Letting them control can get you blamed.
Inside all of us there’s beauty and a beast.
Nobody’s ever perfect, to say the least.

Grooming someone sexually isn’t at all fair.
It destroys their inner dignity and sexual flair.
No one’s got the right to sexually hurt another.
Eventually it’ll destroy their ability to be a lover.

Everybody’s got the innate power to heal indeed.
Don’t be ashamed to say "Sexual Healing I Need."

Written by: Dionisius Peter Paul PIZZUTO