Graffitti always interests me, I love the way it can change a grubby rundown area into something vibrant, or make you think as with Banksy's wry political street art or the fact that someone probably during the wee small hours took the time trouble and creativity to put a piece of art high up on the 3 rd floor of a building

Still haven't got my new space sorted out but I've been getting withdrawals symptoms plus

I went to the toy shop haha I mean the art supply shop yesterday and replenished some of

my supplies. I hate shopping  ( which partially explains my lack of a decent wardrobe) but put

me into an art supply shop and I have to be dragged out haha, anyway I digress, as you can see from the photo

I've made a little space and started a few different pieces, now I feel a lot better.

new studio


Ok so I wouldn't normally do this but needs must... Our landlady has decided that due to the Valletta 2018 or V18 as it's known now is the perfect time for her to double the rent. We can't afford it so we have two weeks to leave.As the rents have become more and more expensive here we'll have to move to somewhere smaller and with that in mind I need to find homes for my older paintings.So if you have a moment please have a look and if you find something you like please make an offer - all will be considered. Thanks

So after 10 days of unpacking and sorting - no we don't have that much stuff hha, but you know there's space to be made for paperwork and  bits of this and that and  odds and sods anyway finally this morning I started to sort out my room - it's about half the size - or maybe even a bit less of the old studio so it's a bit like doing a jigsaaw puzzle at the moment, plus there is a bunkbed over what is now my desk so I have to be really careful - I'm mean I'm a clumsy bugger anyway but I can see that what little brains I still possesss will be knocked out of me soon as my head bounces off the underside of said bed - hey ho. On the positive I can see miles of sky  after 2 long years of straining to see a sliver, happy me. The only thing which seems to have gone missing during the move is my fav palette knife which is a pain but it may turn up.



I started this one ages ago - then stopped - then started again. It's 120 by 100 so my arm muscles are really happy with

the workout as I paint on the floor then put it up on a work top to view it, so it's been up and down and up and down.

It's a commission and whilst I was given free reign I had a limited colour palatte with which to work.

At various ugly stages it was given a partial whiteout and then started agian  I could see what I wanted

it to become but if I looked away then back again that image would have disappeared - hence the title.

Fingers crossed that the recipient loves it.

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