I started this one ages ago - then stopped - then started again. It's 120 by 100 so my arm muscles are really happy with

the workout as I paint on the floor then put it up on a work top to view it, so it's been up and down and up and down.

It's a commission and whilst I was given free reign I had a limited colour palatte with which to work.

At various ugly stages it was given a partial whiteout and then started agian  I could see what I wanted

it to become but if I looked away then back again that image would have disappeared - hence the title.

Fingers crossed that the recipient loves it.

I've been casting a critical eye over some of my recent paintings, mainly due

to moving  them around to make more space. Anyway this one caught my eye

as it seemed unfinished somehow, almost like it had forgotten to puts its clothes on.

So I took various brushes and pens to it and it is now dressed and ready to leave the



Every summer around this time, when the weather is really hotting up I reach for the turquoise and the blues

and begin a "cool" painting as a sort of anitidote to the heat. This year is no different except that this year

the painting is inspired by the Saltpans in Gozo. I love the colours and the forms, the way the pans have been smoothed and

rounded by the elements.

There are paintings which almost paint themselves, by which I mean I prep the canvas

select the first colour,  load my knife or brush and when I look up again several hours have passed

and I have at least the base of the painting sorted in my head and on the canvas.Usually a tea break follows.

Then there are the others ..... one of which I'm working on now - well I say working, actually what I'm mostly 

doing is staring. This painting was was started a while ago, I had an idea which I started to paint then

realized that it really didn't work so knifed some white over it and sat and stared at it for a while.

I've laid down another couple of colours and am staring again - it's quite frustrating cos I can almost

see what I need to do - almost, but not quite. Hmm maybe some wine would help

soph detail

A detail - which may or may not be changed - hey ho